How We Got Here

Our journey, history, and experience in innovative real estate solutions.

Garth Ward (Left) and Austin Homolka (right)

about us
About us

Our History and Journey to Success in Real Estate


Avenue Properties

Became top agents at a luxury real estate firm in Seattle, Washington where we learned how to market, negotiate, and close.


Park Place

Avenue was acquired by Compass and we set out to start our own firm; Park Place.

2023 - current

The Merger

After growing Park Place to 4 offices, 130+ agents, doing about $250m in annual volume - we decided to merge our offices with eXp where we currently run a 160+ agent team.

2023 - current

Oneplace launch

Oneplace is a collection of everything we've discovered that works - and it's all in one place. We believe that oneplace is the missing component for agent success.

Our vision

To provide systems and technology that help agents acquire new customers, satisfy old ones, all while shortening time spent on day-to-day operations.

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