4 Things Grant Cardone Says You Must Do to 10x Your Business in 2024

Scale Your Business in 2024: Master Grant Cardone's 10x Growth Strategies
Austin Homolka
December 28, 2023


Grant Cardone says there are 4 things we must do to make sure we don’t fail; but rather, succeed in 2024. Here they are:

  1. 10x Your Goals
  2. Go All In
  3. Expand - Never Contract
  4. Become Omnipresent



Who’s Grant Cardone & How Can the 10X Rule Help You Win This Year?

Grant Cardone's journey from a troubled youth to a renowned business magnate is a tale of resilience and determination. Overcoming early life challenges, including drug addiction, he transformed his life through self-improvement and a steadfast commitment to success. Cardone began his career in sales, and with relentless dedication, he mastered the art, eventually founding his own consulting company, Grant Cardone Enterprises, in 1989, which significantly impacted the automobile industry. His venture into real estate with Cardone Capital has turned out to be a major win. He manages over $5 billion in assets, focusing on multifamily properties and commercial real estate.



GC is also a celebrated author of best-selling books like "The 10X Rule" and "Sell or Be Sold," imparting his knowledge and experience in sales and business strategies. A prominent figure in motivational speaking, he inspires countless individuals and businesses to reach their potential. A key part of his legacy is Cardone University, a leading sales training program, offering comprehensive resources and training for enhancing sales skills and business acumen. This initiative reflects his dedication to education and empowerment in the sales and business arenas.



The 10X Rule is a powerful concept introduced by Grant Cardone, designed to skyrocket success in all areas of life, whether it's business, personal development, or relationships. It's based on the idea that you should set targets that are 10 times greater than what you believe you can achieve and then do 10 times the amount of work you think it will take to achieve those goals. This rule isn't just about working harder; it's about working smarter and with a level of intensity that far surpasses the average effort.


In essence, the 10X Rule encourages you to dream big and act even bigger. It's a strategy for avoiding mediocrity by scaling up your goals and your efforts to match. The rule pushes you to reassess your mental approach to your objectives, urging you to expand your thinking and act boldly. It's not just about financial success but thriving in every aspect of life by putting forth an extraordinary level of action that guarantees you're not underestimating the effort required to get where you want to be.



Success is Your Duty

Success, according to Grant Cardone, is not just an option; it's a responsibility. This perspective is woven throughout his work, particularly in the chapters that discuss the importance of success. He argues that success should be treated as an obligation, not only for personal fulfillment but also as a duty to one's family, community, and even broader society. The idea is to shift one's mindset from seeing success as a distant possibility to viewing it as something that is abundant and attainable for anyone willing to put in the effort.



Cardone’s approach dismisses the notion of limited success. He champions the belief that there is enough success to go around, and it's our duty to reach out and claim our share. By adopting the mindset that success is a duty, it becomes a driving force, compelling us to aim higher, push further, and persist longer. It’s about breaking through the ceiling of average expectations and normal standards to achieve extraordinary levels of success in all aspects of life.



1) 10X Your Goals

To "10x Your Goals" is to embrace a philosophy of boundless ambition and action. This principle, a cornerstone of Grant Cardone's strategy for explosive growth, compels you to redefine what you consider achievable. Instead of incremental targets, Cardone suggests setting goals ten times larger than your current aspirations. This quantum leap in goal-setting forces a parallel leap in your actions, driving you to marshal resources, energy, and creativity you may not have realized you possessed.



By adopting this approach, you don't just aim to improve; you aim to dominate your field. Such goals act as a powerful catalyst, propelling you beyond the realm of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. The 10X mindset isn't about mere success; it's about creating a new level of achievement. It's about transforming the fabric of your reality, pushing you to act with a vigor and determination that transcends conventional limits.


When you 10X your goals, you're not just planning for growth; you're scripting a narrative of unparalleled achievement. This narrative isn't simply about reaching higher rungs on the ladder of success; it's about constructing a whole new ladder. With the 10X rule, you don't walk paths; you blaze trails, setting a pace that others in your industry will strive to match.



2) Go All In

Going "All In" is about committing every ounce of your energy and creativity to your goals. It's the understanding that each day presents a new opportunity to give your pursuits everything you've got. Even if setbacks occur, they don't define your journey. Instead, they serve as stepping stones, because the next day brings a fresh chance to commit fully again.



This philosophy is grounded in the belief that your most renewable resource is your energy. Each day, you can choose to harness it and channel it toward your objectives with as much vigor as the day before. This unyielding dedication is what sets apart those who achieve exceptional success from those who don't. It's a reminder that in the realm of effort and perseverance, there is no limit to how many times you can go "All In.”



3) Expand — Never Contract

In "Expand—Never Contract," Grant Cardone emphasizes the power of expansion, especially in times of uncertainty. When others retreat, this is your cue to step up. Doubling down when competitors are contracting is not just about seizing market share; it's about establishing dominance and building resilience.



The philosophy is that contraction is a strategy of fear, while expansion is one of courage and vision. By expanding, you invest in the future, innovate, and keep moving forward, ensuring that your business not only survives challenging times but emerges stronger and more established than ever before.



4) Become Omnipresent

Becoming omnipresent in today's hyper-connected world means making your brand, your ideas, and your presence felt across multiple platforms and channels. Grant Cardone highlights the power of omnipresencebeing everywhere, all the time. This isn't just about visibility; it's about creating a constant and comforting presence for your audience.



Today, the tools to achieve this are more accessible than ever. With social media, websites, podcasts, and targeted advertising, you can maintain a consistent presence in your audience's life, leveraging each platform's unique strengths to build a comprehensive and omnipresent brand image. This strategy ensures that your message resonates repeatedly, reinforcing your presence and authority in the marketplace.



2024 Will Be Your Year

In wrapping up, the key messages are clear: think big with 10x Your Goals, commit fully by Going All In, pursue continuous growth with Expand—Never Contract, and establish a ubiquitous presence through Omnipresence.


Actionable steps to take include setting audacious goals, dedicating each day to full-throttle effort, seeking opportunities for expansion even in uncertain times, and leveraging all available platforms to ensure your brand is everywhere.


Start today by listing your 10X goals, identify one action to "go all in" on, plan your next expansion move, and pick a new channel to increase your brand's omnipresence. 2024 is going to have some big opportunities to get ahead. Let’s make the most of it!

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