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From Master DJ to Master Realtor: BEST Video Marketing Strategies For Realtors

This top AZ realtor is winning BIG with video ~ Particularly on YouTube
Austin Homolka
January 23, 2024
Ryan Meeks shares his journey from being a DJ to becoming a successful real estate agent in Arizona. He emphasizes the importance of video marketing in his business and provides insights into his strategies for creating engaging content. Ryan also discusses the challenges he faces in finding and hiring the right help for his business. He offers advice for new agents and highlights the significance of staying organized and time-blocking. Overall, Ryan's story showcases the power of video marketing and the impact it can have on a real estate business. The conversation covers the use of Chat GPT for scripts and avatars, the one thing to move the needle in real estate business, and the importance of getting comfortable on camera.




Video marketing is a powerful tool for real estate agents to showcase their expertise and attract clients.


Creating engaging and informative content on platforms like YouTube can help agents establish themselves as industry experts.


Finding and hiring the right help, such as scriptwriters and editors, is crucial for maintaining the quality of video content.


Time-blocking and staying organized are essential for maximizing productivity and managing a successful real estate business.


Personalized communication and follow-up are key to converting leads into clients. Chat GPT can be used to quickly generate scripts for videos, but it should not be relied upon entirely.


Chat GPT is useful for creating avatars and understanding the motivations and concerns of target audiences.


To move the needle in a real estate business, agents should consider duplicating successful video strategies used by top agents.


Getting comfortable on camera is a crucial starting point for agents to leverage the power of video in their business.

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