This Is How Sam Parr’s CopyThat! Copywriting Method Will Change Your Life & Blow Up Your Business

Let’s sell stuff via the written word.
Austin Homolka
December 27, 2023

If you can become a world-class copywriter, you’ll never be homeless.

Why Your Life Depends On Copywriting

Copywriting is sales and persuasion via the written word. This becomes extremely interesting when you remember that more than 90% of communication is nonverbal. Strip away that hefty 90%, and what you're left with are mere words. The challenge then becomes: how can you persuade someone that can’t see you?


Copywriting is even more challenging than phone sales because in phone sales, you have tonality. They may not be able to see you, but at least they can hear what you say and how you say it.


In copywriting, however, you rely solely on words. These words are the vehicles of your intent, your persuasion, your pitch. And the reader's interpretation of these words is critical. Given that many people do not have high reading levels, your message needs to be clear, concise, and compelling.


So why learn it? If it’s hard and there are many disadvantages, why try?

  1. ⏰ Around-the-Clock Efficiency: A well-crafted sales letter operates tirelessly, promoting your business 24/7, reaching audiences at all times.
  2. 📈 Scalability: Copywriting allows for virtually unlimited scalability. A single piece of persuasive writing can be distributed to an infinite number of potential customers.
  3. 💰 Cost-Effective Marketing: Compared to many other forms of advertising, copywriting is remarkably cost-effective. Once created, the content can be reused and redistributed with minimal additional investment.
  4. 🤝 Building Trust and Authority: Effective copywriting helps establish your expertise and credibility in your field, building trust with your audience and positioning you as an authority.
  5. ✨ Personalized Audience Engagement: Good copywriting enables you to speak directly to your target audience's needs, desires, and pain points, creating a more personalized and engaging experience.


So, today I want to share how you can become a top 1% copywriter in about an hours worth of work each day. To illustrate this, we will explore Sam Parr's renowned "CopyThat" method, a technique that promises to elevate your copywriting abilities to new heights.


Who is Sam Parr?

Sam Parr is a figure synonymous with entrepreneurial success and innovation in the world of digital media and content creation. Originating from 📍 St. Louis, Missouri, Parr has made significant waves in the business world, particularly in the realms of online publishing and podcasting.


  • Early Beginnings and The Hustle: Sam Parr's journey into the spotlight began with the founding of The Hustle, a widely acclaimed business and tech newsletter. His vision and execution with The Hustle garnered a massive following of 2.5M+ daily readers.
  • Building on the momentum, Parr co-founded, a paid newsletter business offering business trends, strategies, and insights. Like The Hustle, carved out its niche in delivering high-value content, further establishing Parr's prowess in understanding market demands and content engagement.
  • My First Million Podcast: Expanding his influence into audio media, Sam Parr co-hosts the popular "My First Million" podcast. Here, he shares business insights, entrepreneurial strategies, and engaging discussions with various industry leaders, further cementing his reputation as a knowledgeable and influential figure in the business community.
  • Acquisitions and Legacy: Both The Hustle and's acquisition by HubSpot marks a significant milestone in Parr's career, showcasing his ability to create, scale, and successfully exit digital media ventures. This achievement not only underscores his business acumen but also his foresight in content creation and digital marketing.
  • Other Ventures: While specifics are not widely publicized, Sam Parr is known to be involved in various other businesses and startups. His entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive him towards exploring new ideas and opportunities, keeping him at the forefront of innovation and business thought leadership.


The "CopyThat" Method

In the realm of copywriting and persuasive communication, the "CopyThat" method, pioneered by Sam Parr, stands as a testament to the power of immersive learning and skill refinement. This method is both straightforward and profoundly effective, anchored in the practice of handwriting the best sales letters ✍️


The Essence of CopyThat

  • Direct Imitation for Skill Building: The core of the CopyThat method lies in its simplicity – you literally copy by hand the greatest sales letters of all time. This approach is not about creating original content but about embedding the techniques, styles, and rhythms of successful sales copy into your own skill set. By meticulously hand-copying these letters, you internalize the nuances of persuasive writing.
  • Why Handwriting Matters: There's a tactile and cognitive significance to handwriting as opposed to typing. When you write by hand, you engage different parts of the brain, enhancing memory retention and understanding. This deepens the learning process, allowing the principles of effective copywriting to be more firmly grasped and applied.


Sam Parr's Rationale

  • Learning from the Masters: Sam Parr advocates for this method based on a timeless principle – to be the best, study the best. The idea is to absorb the wisdom and tactics of those who have proven successful, turning their strategies into your second nature.
  • Beyond Surface-Level Learning: CopyThat goes beyond just reading and understanding sales letters. It's about delving into the mindset and techniques of top copywriters, understanding not just what they say, but how and why they say it. This deep dive into the art of persuasion sets the foundation for developing a compelling copywriting style.


Practical Illustrations

👂 Listen to how Sam explains this concept.


Broadening the Scope: The Versatility of Copywriting

“Ok so this all sounds great… but how can I use copywriting in today’s business landscape?💼”


The truth is - copywriting is and can be used in so many areas in business. Here are 7 places to get you started:


  1. 👀 Engaging Blog Posts: Writing blog posts that captivate and inform your audience is a key strategy for drawing in traffic and demonstrating your expertise. These posts are your platform to share insights, provide solutions, and engage with your readers on topics they care about.
  2. 📧 High-Converting Email Newsletters: Email newsletters are essential for keeping your audience up-to-date and interested in what you have to offer. They're a direct line to your clients, perfect for sharing news, tips, and promotions to foster a loyal community around your brand.
  3. 📫 Persuasive Sales Letters: The goal of a sales letter is to convince your readers why they need your product or service. A well-written sales letter focuses on benefits, addresses the reader's needs, and prompts them to take action.
  4. 🎥 Compelling Video Scripts: Videos are a powerful way to connect with your audience. Whether it's for YouTube, social media, or your own website, a well-scripted video can significantly enhance your brand's presence and drive more action from your audience.
  5. 💻 Converting Websites and Landing Pages: Your website and landing pages are often the first point of interaction with potential clients. They need to be inviting, informative, and motivate the visitor to take the next step, whether it’s signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase.
  6. ❄️ Effective Cold Emails: Crafting a cold email that grabs attention and elicits a response is an art. It's about reaching out to potential leads with a message that resonates, piques their curiosity, and encourages dialogue.
  7. ⬆️ Follow-Up Messages: Following up with leads is crucial in building and maintaining relationships. A well-crafted follow-up message shows your clients or prospects that you're attentive and committed to providing value, keeping the lines of communication open for future opportunities.


So... CopyThat!

As we conclude, let's focus on a practical, achievable action that you can start today to improve your copywriting skills. This isn't just about learning a new skill; it's about harnessing the power of words to attract new customers and drive sales.


Your First Step: Dive into Research

Begin by researching sales letters and copywriting examples. Look for those that have become popular and stood the test of time. Alternatively, reflect on your own experiences and purchase history: consider products you've purchased and enjoyed, and revisit the sales copy that compelled you to make that purchase.


Building Your Toolkit

Once you've identified these influential pieces, compile a list of sales letters and impactful copywriting examples. This collection will be your guide and inspiration.


The Practice: Handwriting for Mastery

Now, dedicate time each day to handwriting these selected pieces of sales copy. Aim for about 60 minutes, but remember, consistency is key, not the length of time. If an hour is too much, start with 30 minutes; if that's still too much, begin with 10 or even 5 minutes. The important thing is to start and to keep at it regularly.


Witness Your Growth

By committing to this practice, you'll gradually notice an improvement in your copywriting skills. It's a process of immersion and repetition that will deepen your understanding of persuasive writing and improve your ability to engage and convert your audience.


So, embrace the challenge. Start small, if you must, but start nonetheless. The journey to becoming a more persuasive, effective communicator begins with these first, deliberate steps. CopyThat!

It's Time. Let's Hit the Next Level.

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