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Incremental Progress: Embrace Small Changes for Big Results
Austin Homolka
January 05, 2024



There it is — an ice cube. Sitting. Waiting to be melted and turned back into water.


This ice cube holds a lesson about progress and success. We often expect change to happen instantly, but, like this ice cube, it takes time.


This is the 'Plateau of Latent Potential.'



It's the idea that big improvements or success often brew beneath the surface, hidden from plain sight.


I’m convinced that I’ve found the ONLY book you need to read to accomplish EVERY single goal you have goal this year.


I’m being serious haha

This is the book:



This is one of those books where you end up with more highlighted parts than not highlighted parts.


Plateau of Latent Potential

Each line represents something.



  • Results = Vertical bar on the left
  • Time = Horizontal bar at the bottom
  • What you expect to happen = Linear line
  • What actually happens = Exponential curve
  • The Valley of Disappointment = Distance between expectations and reality


Good things take time and the valley of disappointment is where most people jump ship 🚢 Let’s take a deep breath and stay onboard!


The Power of 1% Improvement

One. Do you think you can improve by 1% each day? Because if you do, and if you can, this is what happens after just 1 year.



At the beginning — basically nothing happens. At the end, something massive takes place.


Ok great, so how do we make this happen? Clear says we need to focus on systems and not goals.


Systems vs. Goals

  1. Goals are like distant destinations. They provide direction but often result in a binary outcome - success or failure.
  2. Systems, on the other hand, focus on daily processes and habits. Instead of fixating on a specific goal, you create and follow a system that guides your actions.


Clear suggests that we develop systems. By doing so, we set the stage for consistent, incremental improvements over time. These small gains add up, ultimately leading to significant success.

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Free Training: How We Turned 1 Cold Email into 10 Transactions & About $200K in Commission

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